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Archive's for April 10, 2000 - May 5, 2000



May 5, 2000: 7:32am

Abit is working on the BP6 Version 2.0! Dual Coppermine CPU based on the Via chipset. Supposed to be ATA/100, 1Mhz FSB steppings.
We've contacted Abit to get any comments on their rumored BP6 2.0 project. Their answer is the following: we have a project like that, but for the moment it is OEM

May 4, 2000: 10:16pm

Blue LED's didn't come today. Expect the write up this weekend...

Have a few pics of my case modifications here. Not too bad looking, still working on it! Any suggestions. The 550e doesn't get hot enough for a pelt or watercooling (damn!). 
Sharky has a guide to building your own PC. Pretty much what this site started out as.

May 3, 2000: 10:11pm

I see a lot of people wanting to change the color of their LED's in their case (mostly to Blue). So, expect a quick write-up of a how-to tomorrow. I will include the floppy and CD-ROM LED's as well as the case LED's. : )

May 3, 2000: 6:27pm

Sorry for the long gap between postings.

Got the InWin case and have started modifying it. I will post pics as soon as we get them taken. It is coming along really nicely. Some of the best work I have ever done. ; ) 

Here is a little info about interleaving your memory if you have more than one stick. Kind of like a RAID0 striping configuration for your memory.

Definitly more coming soon! No more big time gaps!! Files section will be up tonight! Articles up ASAP.

April 10, 2000: 11:45am

This is the first post of the new site. The guides, articles and files will be coming soon. 
Any sponsers that are interested in advertising here, please e-mail me at the address on the contact page.

Via announced that they are working on a new motherboard that suppports DDR Ram!
Sharky has Intel's new road map featuring Foster here. I have not looked at it yet, but Sharky is usually right on top of things when these roadmaps come in!

AMD's Spit fire is likely to be delayed, as the performance it slightly better than the Athlons of today. AMD is waiting for the Thunderbird launch to release the Spitfire. The Register has the write-up on this.