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August 31, 2000: 10:00pm

Another long gap between postings. I apologize. But I do have some good info for you. I am also looking for some good guides and articles (no pay, sorry). If you have any, please e-mail them to me at

CPU Review has a review on MSI's Geforce 256 video card. Here is a snip:
"It's a nice card; unless you need 1280x1024 or higher at 24 bits you can save a pile of money by getting a GeForce 256 instead of a GTS 2 Ultra. "
Tweak Town has added some case mods to their site. Check it out here.
G3D has a review of the RDJD PGA 715. Here is a sample:
"FCPGA heatsinks need a strong heat sink is because of the small surface area of the CPU. Old celerons that used the ppga had a large surface are for transferring heat. Now that Intel uses the .18 micron cores the size has been cut down considerably."
As a fan of Asus, I have to post this: Asus A7V review. A new Athlon board. With the Athlon prices diving so fast, I might just pick one up with a 900Mhz (overclock to 1100Mhz!).
And to complement the above statement, here is Anandtech's review of the Athlon 1.1 Ghz CPU.
In the market for a new video card? Chicks Hardware has a review of the First GeForce2 MX PCI Bus Accelerator.
"InnoVISION Multimedia is excited to launch Industry's First GeForce2 MX PCI Bus Accelerator. The Inno3d TORNADO GeForce2 MX PCI is an exciting product that offers Digital Vibrance Control, TwinView display options, and a unified driver making it the ultimate graphics solution for one of the most powerful PCI bus upgrades. It leverages the GeForce2 GTS architecture, including features such as second generation transform and lighting (T & L), NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR), High-Definition Video Processor (HDVP), supports razor-sharp renders, crystal-clear 2D even at demanding resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536, in 32-bit color and altogether at an affordable cost. This rich feature set, combined with its amazing cost structure, makes the Tornado GeForce2 MX PCI truly a GPU graphic solution for the best PCI bus upgrade for the Intel 810 embedded graphic or equivalent type of system board and system. "
Review on Abit's Slotket 3 at G3D, if you are looking for one for your FC-PPGA.
Another Chick's Hardware review. This time it involves the ATi Radeon 64Mb DDR video card. Looks like nVidia and 3Dfx have some stiff competition.
If you are looking for a GeForce price, look no further than Prices for all GeForce flavors. Check it out here.

May 8, 2000: 3:09pm

OCR's Guide to choosing PC parts can be found here. Unbiased guide for everything from case to keyboard...

OCR's Guide to changing the LED's in your computer case. Keyboard, drives are coming next.

May 6, 2000: 10:17am

Here is a cool article (sales pitch) for a video cooler. It could also be a do it yourself guide...

Tech Junkie has a write up of changing your nVidia BIOS. Where to get it, how to update, and if it really works! It can be found here.

Got Windows 2000. Wanna tweak it? Check out this article from TweakTown.

For you curious type, here is an article that deals with the basics of peltiers.


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